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Trinity House

Graduate Studio I - Intro to Arch

Instructor - Dan Spiegel

The Trinity House project is an intersection of formal, material and precedent studies that address methods of translation, abstraction, composition, description and analysis in an urban house typology. Starting from a formal exploration of upholstery foam and its material translation into paper, the examined qualities laid the conceptual basis to act upon the internal and external forces of the project. Limited by a bounding box of 20’x20’x44’ and the internal vertical organization of a Trinity House, the project was a design for single-family house consisting of 4 large rooms including a bathroom, a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to relax.


Using density as the driving concept, the structural system, was used as a way to provide levels of transparency and locate the required program. In response to the bounding box, Trinity House typology, and programmatic needs, the program requirements were treated as individual volumes. The sequencing of the individual volumes introduced new spatial opportunities provided by each volumetric face.


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