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Aesop Silverlake

Designer - John Randolph

(Randolph Designs)

Role - Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

The design for Aesop Silver Lake took a minimal material palette of Black basalt, Douglas Fir, and lime washed gypsum, to create a tactile environment to embody the Los Angeles Basin. Since the original space was lacking in many areas, the renovation provided a perfect opportunity to bring in more natural light and improve thermal comfort. A new dropped reclaimed wooden ceiling provided space for insulation and mechanical while allowing for an updated skylight that references the works of James Turrell. The sink and Point of Sale extend from the basalt floor system but are positioned obliquely to give movement to the relatively small space. A warm glow emanates from the light tubes and faucet system to wash the space and create a soothing backdrop to the bold materials.


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