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Aesop NW 23rd

Designer - John Randolph

(Randolph Designs)

Role - Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Admin, Installation

The environment for NW 23rd stemmed from an acknowledgment of Portland’s shipping and logging history. To blend both history and Aesop together, maritime canvas was chosen as the primary material to provide a soft and ephemeral space. Quilted sheets line the walls which blend into a ceiling of taut white ropes. Small accents of steel act as threshold between surfaces and provide areas to hang a simple system of shelves that are also wrapped in the same canvas.


A reclaimed trough sink and surgical lamp act as the centerpiece to the experience of Aesop. This allows for a visual engagement both in and out of store. To tie the palate together, a custom LED light fixture above the rope ceiling washes the space with a warm light.


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